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See, Count, Graph: April Edition

See, Count, Graph: April Edition

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This April math resource has been created to give students practice with data collection and analysis while counting, graphing, and making tally marks. These Easter math activities allow students to practice their 1 to 1 counting skills, number writing skills, and graphing skills.

To use this pack: print and laminate the picture pages. Place these cards in math centers or math tubs along with the appropriate recording sheet. Student counts, make tally marks, writes how many, and graphs the pictures on the sheet. Students also determine which has the most and least. You can laminate the recording sheets and provide dry erase markers to make those sheets reusable also.

You can also project the picture pages using a projector or document camera to complete the activity in a whole group setting.  Includes the following themes:

  • bunnies
  • peeps
  • bugs
  • butterflies
  • Earth Day
  • zoo animals
  • rainforest animals
  • plants
  • chicks
  • eggs


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