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Math It Up! Adding Cars

Math It Up! Adding Cars

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This Math It Up! adding to 10 resource is designed for students to practice addition to 10 using story problems, ten frames, and part-part-whole. Students will practice solving and writing equations to 5 and 10. These hands-on lessons work in whole groups and small groups and many of the activities can be used in centers. We've also included recording pages, practice pages, and printable manipulatives.

A Suggested pace of lessons & activities:
  • Day 1-How Many Cars
  • Day 2-How Many Cars -Part Part Whole
  • Day 3-How Many Cars -Using Ten Frames
  • Day 4-Cars In The Garage-Story Problems
  • Day 5-Cars In The Road-Story Problems
  • Day 6-True False Equation Sort
  • Day 7-Race Track Addition (small group)

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