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The Word Worm: An Editable Sight Word Recognition Creation

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This editable Sight Words Word Worm has been an extremely motivational tool to excite and engage the students in our class over the years! The Word Worm is designed so each child progresses at his/her personal pace and are rewarded for learning more and more sight words! The words are practiced at home and assessed once a week in the classroom. This resource can be used for review, practice, and assessment.

  • Editable Parent Letter (You will need to download the free font DJB Speak The Truth)
  • A set of 8 Word Worms with 50 sight words
  • A set of 8 Editable Word Worms (so you can add words of your choice)
  • Editable Data Tracking Sheet
  • Certificates and Stickers (for rewards and incentives)
  • Worm Head and Body Circles (to create a hallway data display)

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Greg & Jason Warren

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The Word Worm: An Editable Sight Word Recognition Creation

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