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Science of Reading Letters & Sounds Centers

Science of Reading Letters & Sounds Centers

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These phonics centers are a science of reading-aligned resources to help students recognize letters and identify beginning sounds.   Students will use multi-sensory activities to practice letters and sounds while also building vocabulary.

Using these research-based phonics centers helps students hear sounds and identify letters and how to spell the sounds.  This helps students learn and retain the sounds in a fun, hands-on way.

Here's what you'll get:

  • real photographs 
  • Word lists
  • 8 center activities

Your students will love how fun these differentiated games are.   You will love how easy these phonics centers are to prep and use.  You will also love the variety of activities that can be used in small groups and centers to meet the needs of all students.  


  1. Word list
  2. Clip a letter
  3. Match a sound
  4. Sound hunt
  5. Sound clip
  6. Sound circles
  7. Sound mats
  8. Sound puzzles
  9. Sound clip



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