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ABC BOOTCAMP & HATS! An Editable 26 Day Introduction To Letters And Sounds! Safari Theme

ABC BOOTCAMP & HATS! An Editable 26 Day Introduction To Letters And Sounds! Safari Theme

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TKS Bootcamp's ABC Bootcamp is a research based, classroom proven 26 day introduction to the letters and sounds. ABC Bootcamp allows you to introduce the letters and sounds so that your students can begin manipulating letters and sounds to make words. After ABC Bootcamp, you can review all letters and sounds quickly each morning using an ABC chart.  

Watch a video preview: 

The letters are introduced in ABC order but you can go in any order you choose. For each letter you will do handwriting, a circle chart, silly hat and you will have students bring in an object for each letter. You also have the option to have students create their own ABC Bootcamp book.

At the end of bootcamp, you will celebrate with a fashion show. Students will make a vest for an assigned letter. The vests are made from paper grocery bags! This is a great home school project. Students work on the vests at home. On fashion show day, students wear their vest and walk the runway! They also receive a certificate and a set of dog tags!

I have also have this exact same creation but in Army, Monster or Superhero Theme.

Included in this creation is everything you need to do ABC Bootcamp in your class including 52 DIFFERENTIATED SILLY HATS!


  • silly hats by Jen Hart Design
  • circle chart labels
  • student books
  • handwriting
  • Editable dog tags
  • Vest labels 
  • Editable parent letters
  • Art Ideas 
  • Song Ideas
  • Literacy Centers

Learn more about ABC Bootcamp: CLICK HERE

Here’s how ABC Bootcamp works in our classroom:

During Morning Meeting: Students come to the morning message and use markers to write the uppercase and lowercase letter of the day.

Circle chart-introduce the SOUND first and then the letter.
After students say the SOUND, you ask them “ How do you spell …” (how do you spell the sound). This helps them connect the sound to the letter and benefits them when writing.

Students generate words for the sound. For vowels, we focus on short vowel sounds. As they generate the words, the teacher draws the picture on the circle map.

After you draw the picture, students say the word, and say the beginning sound. You ask “How do you spell…” and write the letter. Then you spell the remainder of the word saying each letter out loud as you write. After you write the word, students read the word and say the sound.

After you finish the circle map, go back and have students read each word and say the sound again.

Students will be asked to bring objects from home to represent each letter. You can have each student bring an object for every letter or have a group of students bring objects for letters so they only have to bring 2 or 3 items instead of 26. Students can then share the object they brought in from home.

If you choose to do the ABC Bootcamp book, this is the perfect time have students open their book and draw 3-4 pictures for the letter.

Handwriting: I use our interactive white board to explicitly teach the proper formation of the uppercase and lowercase letter.

Then students use chalkboards, dry erase boards or other materials to practice forming each letter. Then they get a handwriting page and do independent practice.

We wrap up the letter by making a silly hat. I model each step of the hat. We use sentence strips to make our hats. The hats are worn all day. These are a fun, hands on way to reinforce the letter and sound of the day. When other adults in the building see the hats, they ask students about them which reinforces their learning. 52 silly hats are included! Two hats for each letter! Option 1 is no assembly. Simply color, cut and glue! Option 2 requires some assembly! Simply color, cut, assemble and glue!

I hope you give it a chance and LOVE it! If you want to see exactly how I use it in my classroom, you can check it out on my website at then click ABC Bootcamp! I have complete explanations of each piece of ABC Bootcamp, pictures and even videos! 


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ABC Bootcamp is now also available as part of our TKS Bootcamp Bundle which includes: ABC Bootcamp, Number Bootcamp, Shapes Bootcamp, Blends Bootcamp, Word Family Bootcamp, Vowel Bootcamp, Addition Bootcamp, Subtraction Bootcamp & Vowel Teams Bootcamp. Our Bundles are discounted to 25% off the regular price of each product and are available in all 4 themes. 

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