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Reindeer: A Research and Writing Project PLUS Centers!

Reindeer: A Research and Writing Project PLUS Centers!

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This reindeer and caribou research project is a fun, hands-on, engaging way to bring research and writing about reindeer into your classroom. Through whole group research, the use of graphic organizers and writing activities, students will learn all about reindeer! Students will learn where reindeer live, what they eat, and more! This reindeer research pack is designed to be used in grades PreK-5!


  • Reindeer Research Journal Pages
  • KWL Chart and Labels
  • Schema Chart and Labels
  • Can/Have/Are Chart and Labels
  • Look/Live/Eat Chart and Labels
  • Parts of a Reindeer Diagram
  • Parts of a Reindeer Brace Map
  • True/False Facts
  • Vocabulary


9 Math and Literacy Centers:

  • Ten Frame Matching (to 20)
  • Number Order to 100
  • Addition to 10
  • Subtraction to 10
  • CVC Word Matching 
  • Rhyming Word Matching
  • Beginning Sounds Matching
  • Middle Sounds Matching
  • Ending Sounds Matching 

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