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Phonemic Awareness Bootcamp™

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Phonemic Awareness Bootcamp™ makes teaching beginning Phonemic and Phonological Awareness fun and effective by using engaging, science of-reading-aligned activities. This set includes whole-group and small-group lessons and activities to explicitly and systematically teach phonemic awareness skills necessary for students to learn to read and write.

Phonemic Awareness Bootcamp™ is a developmentally appropriate, rigorous, classroom-proven curriculum that uses an explicit, systematic approach to build strong, confident readers and writers who can decode and spell words easily. This resource is completely flexible, will work in any classroom, and only takes a few minutes a day.  

Developed in conjunction with Professor Holly Ehle, this resource utilizes the latest research into reading and writing. It follows a pacing guide that explicitly teaches skills and builds on those skills.  

Here's what you'll get:

  • 8 phonemic and phonological awareness skills/units
  • Directions 
  • Whole group activities
  • Small group activities
  • Independent work 
Your students will love these fun activities that focus on sentences, words, syllables, beginning, middle, and ending sounds, and more. Each unit contains a variety of activities designed to help students understand how language works and hear and manipulate sounds.

You will love how easy this resource is to use and how effective it will be in your classroom in just a few minutes a day. This curriculum is completely flexible and can be used in conjunction with any curriculum or as a stand-alone curriculum. All activities are aligned to the science of reading and the science of writing.

The Included 8 Skills Are:

  1. Sentences
  2. Breaking Sentences Into Words
  3. Alliteration - Beginning Sounds
  4. Rhyming - Same Ending Sounds
  5. Rhyming - Same Middle Sounds
  6. Syllables
  7. Breaking Words Into Sounds/Phonemes
  8. Oral Blending Sounds Into Words


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Phonemic Awareness Bootcamp™


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