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Morning Meeting Tools Bundle

Morning Meeting Tools Bundle

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This bundle includes everything you need to help make your morning meetings successful! You'll receive  more than 400 customizable morning messages, 39 Morning Meeting greeting ideas, 12 Morning Meeting activity ideas, & 11 Quiz Quiz Trade games. Learn more about each of the included creations below. You can even see a detailed preview of each creation by clicking the links. 

Morning Messages Bundle  - This Morning Message bundle includes more than 400 customizable morning messages!  They can be done at any point in the year and should be used in a way that best fits the needs of your students. They are designed to be interactive and allow for differentiation and varying levels of involvement for students. As the year progresses, the teacher can do less and less of the writing and allow students more independence with/ownership over the activities.

Morning Meeting Greetings - These 39 Morning Meeting greeting ideas will provide you with a variety of greetings for your class. The greetings include whole group chants, whole group greetings, and individual greetings.  All of the greetings allow students to work on communication skills such as eye contact, body contact, and voice level.  The greetings can be done weekly or changed daily.  Some of the greetings include an academic component that can easily be differentiated to target the needs of your students.

Morning Meeting Activities - These 12 Morning Meeting activity ideas will provide you with activities for your morning meetings. The morning meeting activities are designed to work on listening skills, speaking skills, academic skills, gross motor skills, and fine motor skills. They can be modified to make them more challenging and should be used multiple times throughout the year. 

Quiz Quiz Trade - Quiz Quiz Trade is a fun, engaging activity to review skills! To play, each student gets a card. The students walk to a partner. Once they are with a partner, they quiz each other. To quiz, they take turns reading each other’s cards. After each partner has a turn, they trade cards. The students move on to a new partner and repeat the quiz, quiz, trade!

*A Purchase of This Exclusive Bundles entitles you to ONE license. That means these files cannot be shared with other teachers or classrooms. It is for your use ONLY. Any file-sharing is a violation of copyright and will not be tolerated. It will result loss of access to the files. 

**Additional licensing at an additional 50% discount is not valid on this Exclusive Bundle. Every teacher who plans to use these files must own a license. 

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