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Measuring Gangnam Style!

Measuring Gangnam Style!

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This measurement pack is designed to meet measurement standards for grades K-2. I have designed the pack to be differentiated by including pictures with measuring guidelines and pictures without measuring guidelines, various recording sheets, and problem-solving sheets for second grade. The pictures are numbered so students will know where to record their answers and which pictures to refer to when working.

Kindergarten students can use the included non-standard units (pig, sheep, or cow) to measure the picture. They can record their answers on the recording sheet (pages 84 and 85) and compare measurements.

For first grade, students can use the included non-standard rulers or standard rulers and measure the pictures. They can use the included recording sheets (pages 85 and 86) to record measurements and compare their data.

Second grade students can estimate how many units they think their picture will be and then measure with a ruler to find the actual length in standard units. They can also use math skills to find the difference in sizes for two pictures.

  • 20 pictures of various sizes to measure (color and blackline)
  • 3 variations of non-standard rulers (color and blackline)
  • 2 variations of recording sheets (1 unit of measurement or 2 different units of measurement)

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Greg & Jason Warren

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