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Dealing With Math

Dealing With Math

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This math pack is designed to use with a deck of playing cards or the included glittery playing cards! I love using cards in my math lessons and these glittery cards will make math even more sparkly!

For the activities on pages 9-24, you can use the playing cards included on pages 4-7 or pull the needed cards from a regular deck of cards.

Inform students that the A is equal to 1!

This resource address the following skills: addition, subtraction, greater than, less than, counting on, counting back, before and after, sorting, missing addends and place value.


  • Greater than less than
  • Deal and add 
  • Deal and subtract 
  • Ordering numbers 
  • Counting on
  • Counting down 
  • Before and after 
  • Place value 
  • Add the room 
  • Subtract the room 
  • Missing addend 
  • What's missing
  • Make 10

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