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Behavior Calendar and Clip Chart: I Mustache You About Your Behavior

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This classroom management creation includes mustache-themed behavior calendars for August-June. Also included is a full-color, mustache-themed behavior clip chart!

These behavior calendars were designed to give students ownership of their behaviors. These calendars are great communication tools for parents.

The clip chart allows for fluid movement throughout the day. This system allows for students to improve if they make poor choices and rewards students with something extra for consistently making good choices.

Each child will learn the process for coloring their behavior mustaches each day. They will refer to the class clip chart to see their colors. Students who are on top of the chart will put a silver sticker on their calendars. Students who are off the chart will get a gold sticker on their calendars. For example, a student who is on yellow on August 1st, will color the mustache for August 1st yellow. The parents will receive a letter explaining the clip chart system and a picture of the clip chart to keep as a reference.

Also available in Monster Theme. 

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Behavior Calendar and Clip Chart: I Mustache You About Your Behavior

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