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Basket of Sight Words Editable Project

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Celebrate Easter and Spring with this Dolch & Fry sight words resource! This creation contains over 200 words, and is designed to be a sight word recognition and assessment tool. Students will read, color, and cut out the sight words they can read. They will then stack them in the basket to create a basket full of eggs. The more eggs in the basket, the better! You can display these in the hallway or classroom (with student names written on the back)!

This creation contains over 200 words and uses a combination of the Dolch & Fry lists. We have included an editable PowerPoint file so you can add your own words that might not already be there! Use the free font KG Red Hands Outline.

Suggested Use:

Print the words you want to assess. Call students to your table/desk one at a time. Have them read the words. For every word, they can read, place a small red dot on that word. Students will color and cut out only the words with the red dots.

To differentiate:

Letters -- you can use editable slides to make a letter recognition activity

Sight Words -- you can make a visual recognition activity. Have sight words written on index cards and students can match the words on the card to the words on the paper. 

Also available as part of our Sight Word Project Bundle.

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Basket of Sight Words Editable Project

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