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Asian American Heroes Research Project

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This Asian American heroes research-creation is designed so students can research and write about 11 different Asian American heroes. Depending on your grade and students’ abilities, the research can be done in whole groups, small groups, or individually. Learning can be recorded on class charts and in student research journals.

Heroes Included: Patsy Mink, Sammy Lee, Yo-Yo Ma, Ellison Onizuka, Tammy Duckworth, Duke Kahanamoku, Michelle Kwan, Grace Lin, Maya Lin, Lisa Ling, and Kristi Yamaguchi.

To Use:
  • These pages are designed to make whole class charts and then students can complete their individual pages. 
  • The student pages can be done separately or made into a women’s history month research journal. I make mine into a book for students to complete as we learn about each hero.

For Each of the 11 Heroes We've Included:
  • Recommended books for research
  • Chart labels (birth, death, hometown, contributions)
  • 2 different recording sheets (one with more writing and one with less writing)
  • Fact sheet for each person

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Asian American Heroes Research Project

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