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Alphabet Chart

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This is the letter sound chart we use in our class during our morning literacy routine and we use it for writing.  For more on our daily literacy routine CLICK HERE!
I am having it enlarged into a poster for our class and I even make and laminate several copies for students to use during writing.  
This chart goes along with the Dr. Jean (She’s AMAZING!) song, Alphardy.  The song is available on her Sing To Learn CD.
We sing the song EVERY MORNING from day one all the way until day 180.  (180 days minus a few for our Nashville no snow days….).  For each letter and sound, we have a motion.  This is EPIC goodness.  My ‘staches use those motions all year to help them with sounds and writing.  If they’re struggling with a sound, simply make the motion and BAM they remember.  
I wanted a poster to match our song so I asked my amazingly  sweet and uber talented friend Mel and Graphics From The Pond if she would help.  And she made this clip art for me.  She is beyond glitterrific and GREG-TACULAR!
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