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Word Mapping Mats

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These word mapping mats are a science of reading-aligned tool to help students map words into their long-term memory.   Students will use letter-sound associations to promote orthographic mapping to become strong readers.

Using these research-based word mapping mats,  students connect the sounds of a word to the letters or letter combinations to spell the sounds. This process of phoneme-grapheme word mapping will help students permanently store words in their memory.

Here's what you'll get:

  • More than 100-word mapping mats
  • A variety of themes
  • Each theme comes in 3 formats:  3 sound boxes, 4 sound boxes, 5 sound boxes

Your students will love mapping words and building their reading ability with these themed word mapping.  You will love how easy these word mapping mats are to prep and use.  You will also love the variety of themes that will keep students engaged all year long!


  1. More than 100-word mapping mats


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Word Mapping Mats

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