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ELECTION Your Choice: Kindergarten Votes 2020

ELECTION Your Choice: Kindergarten Votes 2020

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This election creation is designed to teach students about the Presidential election and includes printable AND digital files.

Teach your students that an election is a choice between two people and this unit is based around choices and data analysis.

Day 1--Spin and Graph
Day 2--Choices: Dogs vs. Cats
Day 3--Choices: Favorite Book
Day 4--Learn about the Candidates
Day 5--Vote For President!

Also includes:

  • Information about the Candidates
  • Chart Labels
  • Vote Casting and Data Collection/Analysis
  • "If I Were President" Writing Prompt and Paper
  • "I Voted!" Sticker

8 Math and Literacy Centers:

  • Letter-Sound Correspondence Matching
  • Letter-Sound Correspondence Spin
  • CVC Word Puzzles
  • Ten Frame Matching
  • Number Spin (to 20)
  • Addition
  • Tally Mark Puzzles
  • Write the Room

Read The Blog Post About The Election: CLICK HERE

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Greg & Jason Warren


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