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Sight Word 60

Sight Word 60

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Sight Word 60© 

is a 5-day, science of reading aligned approach to learning sight words/high frequency words. The science of reading does NOT tell us we cannot teach sight words. SOR tells us we can modify the way in which we teach sight words including blending, segmenting, and spelling the words to make instruction more effective. This updated routine takes just a few minutes each day and uses repetition, multiple learning strategies, and learning modalities to reach all learners. Students will read the words, spell the words and use phonics skills to learn the sight words.

**Please note, purchase of this product is not required to do the Sight Word 60 Routine® but it will make it MUCH easier to have it all in one place with additional activities, word cards, templates, and more. 

Included in this resource:

  • Detailed directions for each day of Sight Word 60 including links to blog posts and videos 
  • Practice pages
  • Games/activities to practice sight words (separate file in download)
  • Editable templates (separate file in download)
  • Word cards (separate file in download)

Sight Word 60© works with any sight word list and it works no matter how many words your students are required to master. You can modify the pacing to fit your students, schedules, and/or the number of words, but here is the pacing we follow with a requirement of 100 words. It’s a great place to start and adapt as needed for your classroom. 

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Greg & Jason Warren

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