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Centers Bundle For The Whole Year

Centers Bundle For The Whole Year

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Thank you for attending ELEVATE! Summer 2022

This Bundle is for purchase by the attendees of our ELEVATE! Summer 2022 Conference only. Additional license discount is not available. 

This bundle would be $91 should you purchase all of these creations separately, however, in purchasing this bundle you are saving 66%!! Please no sharing of these resources. They are for your classroom only. 

In this bundle, you are getting the following creations. You can see a preview of each one by clicking:

No Theme Full-Color Centers

No Theme Blackline Centers

Avocado Centers

Cactus Centers

Pineapple Centers

Safari Centers

Unicorn Centers

**A Purchase of This Exclusive Bundles entitles you to ONE license. That means these files cannot be shared with other teachers or classrooms. It is for your use ONLY. Any file-sharing is a violation of copyright and will not be tolerated. It will result in revoking access to the files. 

**Additional licensing at an additional 50% discount is NOT valid on this Webinar Exclusive. We will, however, allow you to send the link from this product to anyone you think would want to make a purchase at the price seen here. 

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Thank you!

Greg & Jason Warren

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