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ABC Bootcamp Safari Theme Webinar Special

ABC Bootcamp Safari Theme Webinar Special

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ABC Bootcamp™ makes teaching beginning sounds and letters fun and effective using engaging, the science of reading-aligned activities.  Includes whole group and small group lessons and activities to explicitly and systematically teach sounds and letters using a speech-to-print approach.

ABC Bootcamp™ is a developmentally appropriate, rigorous, classroom-proven curriculum for teaching sounds and letters.  This resource is completely flexible and will work in any classroom.

Here's what you'll get:

  • Whole group circle charts
  • Small group tools 
  • Centers
  • Handwriting (manuscript and D’Nelian)
  • Hats (differentiated)
  • Alphabet books
  • Family letters
  • Dog tags (rewards/incentives)
  • Certificate 

Your students will love brainstorming words for each sound and they will especially love watching you draw the pictures.  Students will love using their fine motor skills to practice their handwriting and make their hats each day.  

You will love small group tools including alphabet books, sound hunts, and student circle chart books that allow you to differentiate and meet the needs of all students!

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