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Morning Messages BUNDLE!

Morning Messages BUNDLE!

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This Morning Message bundle includes more than 400 customizable morning messages.

Purchasing the bundle will save you 25% over purchasing each set separately!!

The following 2 sets are included in this BUNDLE:
Kindergarten Morning Messages! 200 Customizable Morning Messages!
Kindergarten Morning Messages: Set 2! A Math And Literacy Creation!

These messages meet your standards each day. They are designed to be interactive and allow for differentiation and varying levels of involvement for students. As the year progresses, the teacher can do less and less of the writing and allow students more independence with the activities.

There are over 400 different messages that you can choose from. They can be done anytime of the year and should be used in a way that best fits your needs.

These Messages Can Be Used in 3 Ways:

  • Project the message on a smart board and write directly on the smart board.
  • Print the message and use a document camera to project the message. Write directly on the printed message.
  • Use the messages as a template and write the message and activity on chart paper. These messages serve as the idea and guide for your morning message.

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